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” Katharine is a talented wordsmith, researcher, and editor who has a natural way with words.  It is sometimes hard to imagine that someone could have techniques to stimulate something as ethereal as creativity, but Katharine has honed her set of learning tools so well that she can bring forth ideas from the deepest recesses of the right side of your brain and show you how to get them on the page! 

She is extremely skilled at naturally incorporating thematic creativity into any workshops she delivers has an intuitive sense of how to deliver, evaluate and write reports target to specific outcomes.

I’ve been extremely impressed with Katharine’s skills as an educator, her commitment to her workshop participants, and her creativity in the workshop environment.  Katharine has a special ability to connect with participants and be sensitive to their needs. Through her work with Inverclyde libraries and associated funding bids we have had several parents (children’s workshops) contact us about what a positive impact Katharine had on their sons and daughters. Katharine is skilled in working with both children and adults and I have no doubt she will bring the same enthusiasm, rigor, and dedication to new projects.  Along with her enthusiasm, positive energy, and attentiveness to participants’ needs, Katharine brings a special talent to curriculum design.  Katharine also leads the way when it comes to bringing technology into the workshop setting. She’s also taken the time to train other team members on how to incorporate technology as an effective vehicle for learning.

Katharine is naturally skilled at pitching original ideas and her creativity has opened  up opportunities in problem-solving and achieving goals.  She has been a tremendous contributor to our team internally, crafting process documents to help our team run more smoothly and leading trainings in successful project delivery.

Katharine is extremely accountable to deadlines and skilled at working independently, while at the same time is proactive about contributing to the team and collaborating with colleagues. Working alongside Katharine for four years, I can attest that Katharine is an impressive, reliable, consistent, and creative employee who supports her colleagues, takes initiative, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. “

Ally Nolan (Team Leader Inverclyde Libraries)

Katharine created an interesting, interactive and fun Poetry Walk for Inverclyde’s Galoshans Festival 2020. She was professional, warm and encouraging with participants and supported them in creating their own brilliant community poem. Katharine is very talented and her own poetry is very inspiring and thought provoking. She was brilliant to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to hire her for future projects.

RIG Arts

“Katharine Macfarlane is a poet and writer I have had the pleasure of booking several times over the years, as well as collaborating on educational projects in her varied freelance roles as a creative educator. Her poetry is warm, empathic and beautifully performed, and her connection with live audiences is incredibly special. She is a gifted writer with a true passion for communication.”

Jenny Lindsay, Flint & Pitch

‘The evocative language used by Katharine Macfarlane to bring Scottish towns and countryside to life, using fleeting imagery and enchanting chronicles, has had listeners falling like roses thrown upon theatre stages’

The Mumble